Established in 2011, CDH Carpentry has fast become one of the leading construction firms in Haliburton County. Owner and licensed carpenter, Chris Dobbins, has worked in the home building sector within the region for over two decades. Chris has built CDH to a size and expertise level where he and his team can take on any residential project and even build a 21,000 square feet commercial headquarters and production facility to Passive House standards.


focused on building energy efficient

homes for a healthier future.

CDH Carpentry

While large prestigious projects are part of the CDH portfolio, Chris strives to build responsibly both in terms of a client's budget, and, in how the construction and future operation and maintenance of a home will impact the environment. With his partner, Eleanor, driving the business administration, and a team of dedicated employees, it is his passion to build better, healthier homes that has led Chris to steer CDH on a course that sees the company focusing on building homes that perform to their optimum on all levels.

CDH builds homes that are comfortable, stylish and easily maintainable. Their design and construction creates an internal environment that promotes healthy living, minimizes energy use and maximizes passive environmental gain, ensuring that each home is built to last a true lifetime.



Chris moved with his family to Haliburton County when he was nine years old.

Even as a child, he was immersed in construction, watching his father build a house based upon American architect, Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome.

Chris has been in the business for over 20 years. He trained under the mentor-ship of local carpenter Isaac Brannigan for a decade, before branching out on his own and establishing CDH Carpentry in 2011.

His passion and drive have propelled CDH from those early days building decks and small renovations to being a leading firm with a highly skilled team and a true vision for how homes should be built today for our future.

Now, it is the turn of Chris' own children, Isla and Hawksley, to watch their dad build a family home, as he and his team build a Passive House, designed to give a lifetime of energy efficiency and durability well past Chris' retirement, which he hopes will not be for many years yet.

Kind Words

We have always valued a contractor who kept a job site neat and clean. That was always the case with the CDH crew. I think it's an indicator of quality workmanship and general care for the job.

CDH Carpentry is among the few emerging builders in Ontario who are embracing a more progressive and energy efficient form of building practice. Although we met with several prospective builder, Chris' can-do attitude and easy-going manner persuaded us to engage he and his team for our project.

The CDH team is very friendly, easy to work with and most of all have a very high quality of workmanship. Chris always answers his phone or returns calls promptly. He communicates well and was collaborative through the entire process.

— Jay Heaman

— Steve McTiernan

— Tom Waind