High Performance Construction

At CDH we believe that every home should be built to last; it should be future proofed.
With this in mind, we have a wealth of ideas and construction techniques that together
will produce a truly high performance home.

Gleaning from our knowledge of Passive House construction, we encourage our clients
to use the highest grade of products, such as triple glazed windows; and, to consider
long lasting materials that will perform throughout the house's lifetime, rather than
requiring replacement at regular intervals – a steel roof as opposed to shingles being
one good example.

Insulation is a vitally important element in the construction of a high performance home.
Depending upon the build type, we can now wrap the entire house, including below the
foundation, in multiple layers of insulation. By employing the latest techniques, our
construction experience and a raft of exceptional products we will super insulate your
home, thereby maximizing the R-value and far exceeding current provincial building
code insulation standards.

When building your home we understand that you have big expectations and CDH will
always aim to meet and surpass them with our High Performance construction model.

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