Perched high above the shore line on the steep granite cliffs that surround Redstone Lake, this magnificent log home has been two years in the making. Hewn from giant western red cedar trees, the log structure of the house was designed and assembled at the Pioneer Log Home headquarters in British Columbia. Then, after disassembly and shipping, CDH Carpentry rebuilt it on site in Haliburton County, on top of a concrete walkout basement that features ten foot high ceilings. The addition of three small log cabins, which the client procured elsewhere, creates guest quarters at each end of the main building, stretching its overall length to over 150 feet. 

The black standing seam roof is a bold modern statement on this very rustic building type and it sets the tone for dark siding and trim details to create a striking aesthetic that is sure to catch the eye of passing boaters. Internally, doors and trim are Douglas fir, while many walls and the soaring cathedral ceilings are clad in pine. A giant stone fireplace takes centre stage in the great room; its flickering glow easy to imagine playing on the warm wooden hews of the huge round log posts and beams. 

Type: Code Plus

Size: 5600 sqft

Location: Redstone Lake, Haliburton County

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