Come to us with a site and we can direct you to the best local and regional architects, designers and specialists to turn your dream into a reality, within your budget. We will advise and consult to achieve permit-ready designs and construction-ready plans. Then, we'll project manage your build from breaking ground to handing you the keys to the front door.

How to get the ball rolling? Do you need an architect, surveyor, environmental engineer or drafting service? Do you have a design in mind or a blueprint already sketched out? We have years of experience working with these professionals and we will direct you to and work with the very best consultants required to progress your designs into full plans for permit and construction.

Design and planning

From the moment the first shovel breaks ground, CDH will be in control of your project. As the general contractor we will employ and manage every sub trade required to take the build through to completion. This includes all services required for landscaping, hydro, wells and septic installation; specialist trades including electrical, mechanical and renewable energy installers; plus interior finishes such as kitchen design and manufacture, drywall, tiling, painting, concrete polishing and even cleaning services.

Project management

This is our specialty. From a conventional stick frame construction to structural post and beam and/or using engineered lumber, we have experience building it. Our team will translate your designs into a built reality, quickly, safely and efficiently to ensure that your house meets and exceeds all required standards. Then, we'll transform the building with expert finishing carpentry, beautiful materials, and sometimes unusual techniques, to create your dream home.

Top quality framing and finishing carpentry

Environmental ideology

The CDH ideal of building high performance homes has dual benefits in that it produces super energy efficient, healthy houses, and, it reduces our impact upon the environment. With this in mind, we will always aim to reduce, reuse or recycle materials when ever possible; minimize waste going to landfill; and, maximize efficiencies. Additionally, we have the ability to perform environmental checks, such as thermal imaging and blower door tests in order to attain Passive House accreditation, and make your home as environmentally efficient as possible.

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