A forever home. A statement of intent.

This 2000 sqft farmhouse style home has been designed and built to the most stringent Passive House standards. Its concrete slab foundation sits upon a 10 inch thick bed of rigid insulating foam. The super thick walls contain 16 inches of blown-in insulation, the roof space much more. The windows are triple glazed and wooden framed, to minimize heat loss through thermal conduction. And, the entire building envelope is wrapped, taped and sealed to create an air and moisture tight environment within.   

When complete, the home will require little to no heating. Its internal environment will remain stable and comfortable due to the super insulated structure and an ERV that will circulate fresh air throughout and maintain perfect humidity levels year round.  

But construction details aside, The Ranch is a lovely space to be in. Natural light pours into the main living space through four large windows on the south side of the house, while a 16 feet wide patio door on the north elevation offers views out over the rolling hills and horse paddock. The open plan living space on the main floor promotes family togetherness, while kids' bedrooms, an office and upstairs lounge offer private areas for quiet moments.

The fully glazed sun room joins house to double garage. This second building is constructed to our High Performance standard. The concrete floor is insulated and heated using forced air; walls are double wrapped in insulation; the garage door is insulated, too, and the internal finishes are completed to a standard that are sure to turn this space into a favourite area to hang out.

From the striking lines of the standing seam roof to the polished concrete floor and the many unseen energy saving measures, The Ranch is a home designed to last and perform extremely efficiently for many years to come. This is Chris and his family's home and built proof of his construction ideals and the philosophy behind CDH Carpentry.    

Type: Passive House/High performance

Size: 2000 sqft

Location: Gelert, Haliburton County

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