Code Plus Construction

Mandated by the Province, the Ontario Building Code is a set of guidelines that
establishes the minimum standards to which all new homes must be built, anything less
would be illegal. At CDH we believe that this is a good starting point but we never want
to build a home to the 'minimum standard'. Working together, we can guide you through
the construction process and highlight elements of the build where we can upgrade, in
order to give you the best home possible now and into the future.

Insulation and air tightness are two examples of areas that can be improved above and
beyond Code for relatively low cost; while, opting for the best quality doors and windows
within your budget is something we will always recommend.

In addition, we are happy to discuss product and material choices that will offer
architectural panache while providing all important longevity and low maintenance
solutions to enable you to enjoy your home now, and in the future.

At CDH, Code Plus means taking that government standard and building better than it
for you.

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