Measuring up at 3000 sqft, this family cottage on Haliburton Lake was one of the first to be built on the lake's eastern side. Traditional in aesthetic, it has a pitched roof and is clad in Cape Cod wooden siding, accented by dark windows and trim. A timber frame porch, built by CDH, accentuates the rustic feel, as do timber frame stairs and ceiling beams inside. 

However, this home has been designed and built to very modern ideals with energy efficiency and the minimization of heating costs to the fore. The concrete slab foundation is insulated from beneath; the framed wall structure is traditionally insulated, too but the building is also wrapped in an extra 2.5 inch layer of rigid insulation. There are triple glazed windows and special attention has been paid to the air tightness of the building, upgrading it from industry norms. The heating and ventilation system is operated via an HRV, which recovers heat from outgoing stale air, and keeps the house at stable heat and humidity levels year round.  

Internally, the spatial layout of the house includes two bedrooms, a bathroom, plus a master bed suite on the upper level. Downstairs, a main live/dining space connects with a bright, airy sun room. There is also a personal gym for when relaxing at the cottage gets a little too much!       

Type: Code Plus

Size: 3000 sqft

Location: Haliburton Lake, Haliburton County