Four words define our client's design philosophy: Let the light in.

Set on 80 acres bordering Drag Lake, this modern, off-grid home is powered almost exclusively using solar photo-voltaic technology and the regulation of passive solar gain. Its foundation is poured over a bed of insulating foam, the building envelope is sealed airtight and the walls are super insulated. Windows are triple glazed and an energy recovery ventilation system (ERV) will breathe fresh air into the building, regulating the temperature to a steady 22 degrees Celsius, whatever the weather outside.

But most important is the light. In the client's words, 'we will take our love of natural light to another level by inviting it into our living space and then leveraging that same light to help heat and regulate the temperature in our home'. Passive solar energy is pivotal to the home's design and banks of south facing glazing will allow natural light and warmth to stream into the building, while simultaneously blurring the boundaries between inside and the wonderfully 'erratic' natural vistas beyond. Ancient granite cliffs and wandering rock ledges, mature pine and hemlock forests, and the lake; these are the reasons our client is building here and why they choose to build responsibly and sustainably within such a wonderful landscape.     

Type: Passive House

Size: 2000 sqft

Location: Drag Lake, Haliburton County